A Brief History of the United States of America

There are many things to learn about the United States of America. The founding fathers had a noble purpose in creating a country that was both free and governed by the people. But the story of America has a fascinating and tumultuous past. Let’s take a look at a few highlights from the nation’s 400-year history. The American Revolution has been called the greatest political movement in history. Here’s how it came about.

Christopher Columbus was the first European to settle in North America in 1565. Many other European countries followed suit, sailing around the world in search of riches and shorter routes to Asia. The arrival of European settlers led to the displacement of various native groups. English settlers settled in the region and began growing tobacco. They founded the Plymouth Colony near Cape Cod, which was followed by others in New England. During this time, the American colonies were plagued by epidemics of disease and famine. Meanwhile, slavery was widespread in the thirteen colonies, and in 1784, Britain gained control of the Mississippi river.

During the early nineteenth century, the US begins to expand its territory and the number of states rises to 45. The settlers began to fight against British rule, claiming “manifest destiny” to control North America. As a result, the nation’s population increased by more than ten times. The abolitionists of the time formed the Republican Party, which endorsed Abraham Lincoln for President in 1860. The southern states of the union later declared independence from the United States and created the Confederate States of America. By the end of the nineteenth century, the US incorporated the territories of Louisiana, Missouri, and Kansas.

In July 1779, Jefferson was elected president of the new country. He was followed by George Washington, who was the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army. The American Revolution had its first major battle with the British, the Battle of Bunker Hill. The British eventually won, but the American cause was strengthened. After the defeat of Napoleon and the British burned the American capital, Green replaced Gates as commander-in-chief of the southern region.

The Paleo-Indians were hunters and gatherers who migrated to North America. The most popular theory is that they came to the continent via Beringia, which is now filled with ocean waters. Small lithic stage peoples hunted megafauna and were given the nickname “big-game hunters.”

As the United States spread across the continent, European powers became more interested in it. France, for example, backed the American Revolution. In turn, France sold the Louisiana Purchase to the United States in order to raise money for war in Europe. While the United States has been a colonial power since the 16th century, it has also been the center of a global conflict. In the end, the United States gained supremacy over other countries, and its empire spanned three centuries.

The United States continues to lead in international affairs. In 1962, it helps the opposition to the Communist government in China. In September of the same year, the US forces invade Panama and arrest its leader Manuel Noriega on drug trafficking charges. In the following years, it joins the war against Iraq, and in 2001, it launches the space shuttle Columbia. Sadly, the shuttle is destroyed in the atmosphere, killing seven astronauts on board.

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