A Western History Museum is a Great Place to Learn About the American Old West

A western history museum is an institution that focuses on the history and heritage of the American Old West. Whether the focus is on cowboys, Native Americans, the Gold Rush or historic and contemporary art with a Western theme, these museums showcase a vast array of exhibits that are sure to be awe-inspiring for visitors.

Western museums are a popular attraction for visitors from all over the world, and they offer a unique opportunity to learn more about the American frontier. Visitors who tour these institutions often say they were surprised at how much they enjoyed their visit, and many recommend allotting several hours or even a full day to fully explore the museum’s exhibits.

One of the best known of the western museums is the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, which was founded in 1955. The museum displays a renowned collection of Western art and artifacts in galleries dedicated to topics such as the American cowboy, rodeos, Western performers, Native American culture and Victorian firearms.

The museum also displays the work of the late artist Frederic Remington, who is nationally recognized for his artwork that depicts cowboys and Native Americans. Remington was born in New York State, but he moved to Kansas to run a ranch and then became a famous artist. He was a prolific painter and sculptor who was very interested in the American frontier, which can be seen in his work.

In addition to cowboy and Native American history, the museum also contains a gallery dedicated to the life of Buffalo Bill Cody. Cody was a famed guide, scout, frontiersman, showman and town founder, and he is a widely recognizable American icon. The museum illustrates his life and legacy through exhibits that feature his Wild West shows, Indian artifacts and firearms.

The other major gallery at the museum is dedicated to the explorers who traveled the American West in the 1700s and 1800s. The explorers’ journals and maps provide a glimpse into the pioneering spirit that led to a vast new territory in the United States.

In the earliest days of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, the institution owned a mere handful of artifacts. Its founders borrowed material in order to mount its first exhibitions, and the museum has grown into a well-respected repository for research and exhibits on all aspects of Western history. This includes a prestigious awards program for Western music, film, literature and other cultural pursuits. The museum also hosts annual exhibits of Western art and features a gift shop that offers a wide selection of quality, western-themed items.

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