Advantages of Western History Association Membership

western history association membership

There are many advantages to western history association membership. First, you will have the privilege of being a member of one of the largest and most prestigious organizations for western history. The organization’s journal, the Western Historical Quarterly, features articles and book reviews from leading western historians. Second, you will have access to the WHA’s library. Memberships are available for individuals and organizations from around the world.

The Western History Association is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to historical research. It helps graduate students and scholars further their knowledge of the Western world. Additionally, it provides scholarships for Native American students. Each year, the WHA holds a conference that attracts more than 500 students, giving them the chance to meet senior scholars and other professionals in the field. The WHA also has a graduate student executive office staff, including a graduate student from the WHA’s host institution.

The Western History Association also publishes an award-winning journal, the Western Historical Quarterly. This journal features the work of leading western historians and provides a link to the professional network. As a member of the WHA, you can also receive recognition from the organization, including being listed in the top donors’ directory.

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