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America History & Life Database

Learning about the past is an important part of the American educational experience. Throughout its four hundred year history, the United States has faced many challenges and changed drastically. These changes have shaped the culture of the country, which has influenced our values, beliefs, and lifestyles. This course will focus on the early history of the nation, its founding and the rise of the modern American economy. You’ll learn about the various periods of American history, including key episodes and turning points.

A primary bibliographic reference on the history of the United States and Canada, America: History & Life includes citations of over 2,000 scholarly journals published worldwide. The database contains the latest historical and social science publications in English, as well as selected historical journals from major countries. The database also includes book reviews, citations, and abstracts of dissertations, theses, and more. The content is updated frequently and is suitable for all levels of students and researchers.

The America: History & Life database provides citations of over 1,700 journals on American and Canadian history. It also includes selected historical journals from other countries. The database also includes books, journals, and newspapers. It provides a global perspective and indexes articles in more than forty languages. The comprehensive coverage of the database makes it a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn about the history of America and Canada. The database is free to access on campus and provides an excellent resource for research.

The main bibliographic reference on the history of the United States and Canada, America: History & Life is a comprehensive index of articles, monographs, and other materials published in English. Its comprehensive coverage covers hundreds of historical journals. Its flexible search capabilities allow users to conduct a variety of research by time period, including research papers, books reviews, and dissertations. In addition to these resources, the database also offers a wide range of other sources, ranging from books and periodicals.

In addition to America: History & Life, this database contains scholarly articles on the history of the United States and Canada. Its indexing features more than 1,700 scholarly journals published in English from 1964 to the present. This database includes citations, book reviews, and media reviews. It covers the entire history of the United States and Canada. It also includes more than 30,000 articles. So, if you’re studying history or teaching it, there’s no reason to stop reading!

America: History & Life is the primary bibliographic reference on the United States and Canada. The database covers more than 2,000 scholarly journals published in English. It includes book reviews, dissertations, and scholarly reports. It also includes a range of scholarly articles in the social sciences. And since it covers the history of the United States, it has an extensive coverage of history in Canada. Its contents are updated regularly, and are up to date.

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