American History Databases

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American History Databases

American history is rich in interesting stories, from Native American life to the rise of capitalism. Many people attribute America’s success to the virtues of the founding fathers and liberal democratic capitalism. Others blame the country for its brutal treatment of native peoples and the importation of African slaves. Whatever the cause, the story of America’s founding has an important role in the development of the country. In this article, we’ll explore some of these historical moments.

The Core American History database contains unique full-text coverage of over 200 journals and 100 books and articles. This database covers the full-text of historical documents from prehistory to the present, from the American Revolution to the Civil War. It also includes citations for book reviews, dissertations, and books published in other countries. It’s a useful tool for anyone who wants to learn more about America. The database also has articles on American history from colonial times to today.

The CLIO Notes database provides a comprehensive history of the United States and Canada. It has a comprehensive chronology of significant events and themes, along with concise summaries of major themes and historical events. The list of topics and subtopics also allows users to read essays and scholarly articles that explore the subject. You can search the America: History and Life database for primary source materials, while Historical Abstracts contains citations for articles published elsewhere.

In the Core American history database, researchers can access over 2000 books and journals that cover the history of the United States and Canada. The full-text coverage includes articles, books, and book reviews. The content ranges from prehistory to the present, as well as the cultures of other countries. It includes biographies, maps, and illustrations of the history of the region. This comprehensive database is a great place to start your research.

The Core American history database is an essential resource for researchers and scholars alike. Its full-text coverage of more than two hundred books and journals across the world is a great place to begin. The database also includes more than 5,000 journal articles. The primary focus of the database is the United States, but there are other regions that can be explored as well. However, there are some regional differences between the two databases. For example, the historical literature of other countries is often different than the history of the United States.

The Core American history database offers comprehensive coverage of the history of the United States. It includes more than 5000 articles and books. The coverage spans from prehistory to the present. The core database also contains historical literature on other countries. There are many resources for students studying American history. It’s important to find a good one that meets their needs. When searching for primary sources, you should choose a reliable and accessible library. You can find the information you’re looking for with ease with the help of a comprehensive research tool.

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