An Introduction to America History

america history

Several eras in america history are well worth reading. Christopher Columbus, sponsored by Spain, led the first major exploration of North America. However, he brought with him Old World diseases, causing catastrophic epidemics and a significant decrease in native population. Nevertheless, these events were a time of rapid technological advances in communication and sailing techniques, and they also gave rise to competition for colonial control. As a result, colonial expansion accelerated and a number of European powers gained control over the Mississippi river and the resulting slave trade.

Few countries devote the attention necessary to present their history in a compelling way. Nevertheless, students still learnt in school about the unifying ideal of a united and self-sacrificing nation. However, as history unfolded, they discovered irreconcilable cleavages between the Left and the Right, greedy politicians plotting for office, and corrupt government officials seeking personal favors. Thus, the ideals taught by schools were not powerful enough to overcome the degeneration of the nation’s political and social leadership.

Among the most important bibliographic sources for the history of the United States and Canada is the America History and Life database. This database encompasses thousands of journals published worldwide, including key English-language history journals, selected historical journals of major countries, state histories, and selected social sciences journals. In addition to these, America History and Life also features book reviews and citations to dissertation abstracts. The database is available for users on the TCNJ campus.

In the nineteenth century, mass immigration from Europe and Asia began to fill the United States. These European settlers began to claim “manifest destiny” to dominate North America. The number of states in the union rose from 17 to 45. Abolitionists began forming the Republican Party, and President Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860. In the aftermath of the battle of Yorktown, the southern states formed the Confederate States of America, sparking a civil war between the United States and their pro-slavery counterparts.

The European colonization of the Americas led to new cultures, civilizations, and states. The result of this fusion of people and cultures, the United States became the world’s largest economy. This rise continued for three centuries, and it continued to increase until the Cold War led to Canada’s creation as a federal dominion. A brief overview of the history of the Americas can be found in the following document. It explains the history of a great nation.

American history is filled with important moments in the development of the country. The American Revolution lasted from 1775 through the Siege of Yorktown. The war eventually ended in 1783 and peace was restored. It was also an extremely important time for immigration. It brought people from all walks of life to the United States. A brief summary of the major events of the nation’s development is provided below. When you’ve completed reading this book, you’ll have a greater appreciation of the country’s history.

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