Benefits of Western History Association Membership

A western history association membership allows you to connect with scholars and teachers who specialize in the study of the North American West. You’ll receive the award-winning journal, access to an annual conference in a western town or city, and other opportunities for professional development.

The WHA’s mission is to enable collaborations among peoples, institutions and organizations devoted to the study of the North American West. This is accomplished through annual conferences, scholarly research and publication, teaching, and public education. Members of the Association include K-12 teachers, independent scholars, museum professionals, non profit organizations, archivists, authors, publishers, and others.

Each year, the WHA awards many scholarships and fellowships to support the work of individuals in the field of western history. Additionally, the Association presents over thirty prizes and awards to students, teachers, scholars, public historians, and members of the historical profession.

These prizes and awards are funded by generous donors who recognize the value of western history to the society as a whole. Each recipient has contributed to the development of the discipline in their area of expertise and helped advance historical knowledge.

Phi Alpha Theta is an international honor society in history founded in 1921. It has more than 860 chapters across the United States, and its members are historians in schools and universities of all sizes.

The purpose of Phi Alpha Theta is to encourage scholarly interaction in the field of history through the sponsorship of lectures and colloquia, research competitions, the publication of the society’s newsletter, and the awarding of prizes. In addition, the society supports graduate student participation in local and national Phi Alpha Theta conferences by providing travel grants.

A western history association membership offers many other benefits that can enhance your professional development, your teaching, and your research. You’ll have opportunities to network with other western historians at our annual meeting in a western town or city each October, and you’ll have full access to the award-winning journal, the Western Historical Quarterly.

The annual conference is a four day event that features sessions, roundtables, workshops, and professional panels focusing on all aspects of the North American West. Attendees also have the opportunity to visit the sites and museums in the host city.

The conference is the perfect place for students to present their research and interact with senior scholars. The WHA has always been known as a friendly conference where students are valued and where they can learn from the experience of attending a professional conference for the first time. In addition, the WHA Executive Office staff includes a Graduate Student, which further promotes an environment of inclusiveness and student engagement.

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