Benefits of Western History Association Membership

western history association membership

As a member of the Western History Association, you will be able to attend their annual conference and take part in their educational programs. These events feature more than 120 sessions, roundtables, professional panels, and workshops, as well as tours of nearby historic sites. The WHA is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, but you can also find annual meetings in St. Paul, Portland, Las Vegas, San Diego, and Salt Lake City.

Among its objectives, the WHA values the input of students in its work. Student panels and receptions at the association’s annual conference serve as an opportunity for professional western historians to engage with graduate students. The association’s Executive Office Staff is comprised of one graduate student from the host institution. This student representative provides a unique opportunity to make valuable connections with senior scholars and professionals of western history. As a member of the Western History Association, you will have access to the conference’s conference materials, and even host events and receptions for graduate students.

The WHA offers numerous scholarships and awards to its members. There are awards for students in various fields, including the Sara Jackson Award, Walter Rundell Award, and Indian Student Scholarship. During the annual conference, YGSNA members were invited to participate in academic sessions, share their ongoing research, and be recognized for their efforts. Many of them even received several association prizes, including the Caughey Book Prize for his novel The Sea is My Country.

Membership in the Western History Association provides access to its quarterly journal, the “Western Historical Quarterly,” which features articles written by leading western historians. The WHA also provides members with access to the quarterly newsletter, which is an excellent source of new information on western history. Additionally, WHA members can network with fellow western history enthusiasts through the quarterly newsletter and participate in events. And because the WHA is headquartered in Omaha, members have a wide range of benefits, including the chance to participate in seminars and conferences.

A membership in the Western History Association also gives you access to its award-winning journal, the Western Historical Quarterly. The journal contains articles by leading western historians, book reviews, and scholarship. You will also receive a copy of the Western Historical Quarterly and its online edition, which is distributed twice a year. Membership in the Western History Association also grants access to the western history Association’s Newsletter, which is published by Utah State University.

The Wrangler, a newsletter published by the Wrangler, is an excellent resource for information about the association. The newsletter features articles about the western American experience, as well as articles about the organization’s history and achievements. In addition, the Wrangler features illustrated art, maps, historic photographs, and archival materials. As a member of the WHA, you’ll also be able to view the quarterly newsletter, The Wrangler.

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