Change In Western History

Western history is the history of Europe as a whole. It covers the period up to the present day. The most important thing about this type of history is that it gives you a picture of how Europe and all the other continents of earth were established and developed into their present states. Western culture traces back to ancient Rome and Europe. It is very much related to medieval Europe, ancient Greece and to the later Medieval Western Christendom that emerged in the Middle Ages from the Dark Ages. European history covers the whole period up to the 20th century.

western history

All the famous authors including William Shakespeare have their roots in Europe. American history is the story of the development of America from its inception as a British colony up to the first decades after the end of the American revolution. Early American history is related to the fur trade and the north American, Native tribes such as the Lakota, Cheyenne, Arapahoe and many more. Early American history also includes the formation of the states of Texas, Oregon and Washington and there is also the westward extension of the United States through the Oregon Trail.

One of the major developments that occurred in the Americas was the westward movement of the United States. In order to understand this major development, you need to take into account the evolution of the western mindset. A lot of historians are of the opinion that the westward movement of the United States is one of the most important events in the history of the world. This explains why Americans are more inclined to westernize their thinking.

In this new history, we also see an interesting tale of interaction between the west and the east. There was the development of cities on the eastern side of the country, while the west remained isolated. On the contrary, in the old history of the Indians of the west were hostile towards the settlers and fought against them in pitched battles.

But in this new history we find a different story altogether. We have seen the rise of the Natives who established colonies on the western frontier. Furthermore, we have also seen the development of the buffalo hunters who numbered in the hundreds of thousands. These events changed the psychology of the American Indians. They began to develop a respect for whites and a distaste for their enemies. Moreover, the west gradually absorbed the agricultural culture of Europe along with it.

The new historians also point out certain deficiencies in the traditional history. For example, they point out the fact that the French and English explorers did not manage to establish permanent colonies in the Americas. Also, they do not like to accept the presence ofpox in the Americas. Finally, even though the Spanish colonists were very successful, they were not able to totally wipe out the original inhabitants. Thus, it can be said that although the new history presents an image of a very different America, it fails to present a completely realistic picture.

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