Exploring the Western Trail of Mexico

Western Trail

Exploring the Western Trail of Mexico

The Western Trail is basically a north south long road that runs between Canada and Mexico across five western states in the United States, running through five states. The trail traverses 4,356 miles (7,150 km) along the Colorado, Montana, Arizona, Utah and Wyoming. The trail was created by President T. Roosevelt so that the American people could experience mountain biking on one of the most beautiful and challenging trails in the country. Besides mountain bikers, the trail also attracts hikers, backpackers, cyclists, horseback riders, campers, and hot air balloonists. Because of its popularity, there are even several motorized trails that run along the path of the Western Trail.

Besides mountain biking on the Western Trail, the trail offers other outdoor activities as well. There are several great western cattle trails that give bikers a view of the rich history of the west. There are also Bed and Breakfasts and RV campsites. If you are looking for solitude along the way, you will not be disappointed with the Western Trail as it offers it.

Because the Western Trail crosses three national parks and a number of tribal lands, it is considered to be one of the top outdoor recreation and travel destinations in the country. There are two main sections of the trail: the continental Divide and the state lines. The continental divide is a division that draws the Western Trail southward from Montana into Oregon and Texas, while the state lines divide the state of Wyoming from Montana. Because of the beauty of the landscape and the natural resources found in each state, the west coast of the state of Oregon is very popular for camping on the western trail. The desert and forests of Nevada to provide a home for numerous wildlife populations, while the sagebrush forests of California and Utah continue to attract hunters and bikers from all over the country.

Bicyclists and horseback riders will find a variety of landscapes along the western trail. Flatwoods, desert, mountains, rivers, lakes, hot springs, plains, etc. provide a great environment for the exploration of the wild west.

For those who love the rodeo and cattle shows, the western trail has many opportunities to view these events. There is a route that will take riders to Dodge City, Kansas. This route will allow riders to see the “Big Red Hotel”, which was where the famous rodeo took place. It also takes riders through present-day Dodge City, as well as past the State Capitol in Kansas. The capital is another historical destination and offers a glimpse into the early days of the Republic. The historic route continues to Fort Collins, Colorado, the site of another cattle show.

Those in search of a religious experience will find plenty to please their spiritual senses in this area. The western trail passes through three countries that contain some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. The most famous for travelers is Cabeza de Leon, Mexico’s own Little Rock. Other highlights include Puebla, Mexico’s second largest city; Tijuana, Mexico, which is famous for its tattoo shops; and El Campello, Mexico, a rustic town rich in local history.

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