Facts About North America

North America is a very large continent in the Northern Hemisphere, extending from the eastern border of Mexico southward to the Gulf of Mexico and all the way to the Arctic Ocean. It is also generally defined as the southern subcontinent of this world. As we all know, Canada forms part of this land mass. It is an island continent, with the exception of the Baja peninsula, which is a peninsula. The United States is its northern neighbor.

The continent has a very diverse landscape as it is not homogenous in any way. The western part of the continent is a desert, while the eastern part is mostly mountainous and has a tropical forest in the south-eastern corner of its continent. There are three continents in this one but they are not labelled as one big continent. This could simply be because of political, technological and economic considerations.

North America shares borders with Canada, Mexico, the United States, Cuba and many other countries. There are also many bodies of water which are shared by the nations in this area. These bodies of water include such bodies as oceans, rivers, ice caps and swamps. All the countries in this area have different languages and different cultures. As a result, there are communities and social classifications like the upper class English-speaking countries, middle-class Spanish speaking countries and working class black or aboriginal people.

The majority of North Americans are Christian, but other religions also exist. Islam is the largest religion in this area but Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism also have significant votive followers. The primary language spoken in North America is English, although other languages are spoken including French, Native American and some Native American Indian languages. The country of Canada is separated into two provinces, Ontario and Quebec. There are many differences between these two provinces especially in terms of culture and heritage.

There are many historical sights for visitors to see in north America. One of the most visited is the Hocking hill range where there is an air of mystery and danger. This range is only about ten miles from the north Canadian city of Calgary.

North America is very diverse and offers so many opportunities for travelers of all kinds. North America’s geography offers mountains ranges, deserts, lakes, jungles, forests, plains and oceans to explore. The countries in this area all have a unique history and they all have the opportunity for interesting holidays. North America is very welcoming to immigrants, which contribute to the richness of this continent. This diversity is what makes North America one of the best destinations to choose as your next holiday destination.

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