Hiking The Western Trail Of San Antonio

The Western Trail, sometimes called the Wild West Trail or the American West Trail, is a long segment of the US National Trail. It is in the west of the state of Utah and runs from the Continental Divide of the Rocky Mountains southward through the middle of the state. The trail follows the south slope of the Green River. A portion of the trail follows the Cedar Trail and Green River.

Western Trail

The Western Trail has been improved over the years, and the landscape has also changed quite radically. In fact, there are now many places where the path can be challenging. This means that you need to use the right equipment while you are hiking the western trail in order to make sure that you have a safe and enjoyable hiking experience. If you are an older adult, you will want to know about the different types of Western Trail Classifications in order to select the right equipment.

The standard western trail is divided into three parts by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The Green River drainage, Red River drainage, and the Cedar and Green Trails combine to form the Green, Red, and Cedar trails which, collectively, cover about half of the entire trail. The Red River Trail also extends south from Pine City, Arkansas across the state.

Of course, no western trail trip would be complete without some scrambling over the numerous obstacles found in the designated trails. The Green River Trail features plenty of rocky terrain, steep climbs, wide open gullies, and other natural features that make scrambling one of the most exciting parts of hiking the western trail. The Red River Trail also includes some rugged terrain but it is less severe than that of the Green. Most of the Red Trail’s major obstacles are located within nine miles of Cedar City, Utah. Some of the other major characteristics of this trail include steep climbs, wide open gullies, and gradual downhill hikes.

For those looking for a challenging trail with a large amount of climbing involved, the northern trail offers just what you need. This trail follows a ridge line south of Pine City, Arkansas all the way to its confluence with the Little River. The trail features numerous moderate to challenging climbs as well as a wide variety of views and wildflowers. There are several bridges and overpasses to cross the river as well as access to the western part of the Grand Canyon. Another feature of this great western cattle trail is the over 100 foot tall canyon gate which serves as a reminder of the massive size of the Grand Canyon.

If you are looking for a great hiking adventure, the San Antonio Northward Boundary Trail is the perfect option. This trail provides hikers with a challenging trek through the San Antonio National Forest. It begins in the La Jolla community and leads hikers through oak groves, oak brush habitat, and oak desert. You will follow a rocky terrain covered with ponderosa pine, as well as ponderosa and ocotillo forests. You will pass three designated campsites along the way, which provide easy overnight accommodations.

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