Hiking the Western Trail

Western Trail

Hiking the Western Trail

The Western Trail is an old road that was built by the pioneers as a path to help them move their cattle from one location to another. The route of this road has been faithfully maintained since its inception. This is a two-mile long dirt trail that goes through the woods in the mountains of Colorado. The road starts out in Glenwood Springs, Colorado and makes an unscheduled stop at Cortez, Colorado before continuing on to Durango, Colorado.

The Western Trail follows the Lewis and Clark route, which is an old wagon route used by the pioneers. The Western Trail has many historic sites along the way such as rock walls, old mining villages, as well as a historical camp where the Wright Brothers made their historic flight over the Colorado Rockies. The road also follows the Continental Divide of Colorado. The trail traverses through a variety of terrains including flat lands, shaded plateaus, as well as rocky mountain roads.

There are numerous areas of the Western Trail in southwest Texas near present day Las Vegas, including Bexley, present day Dodge City, as well as Cedar City, Utah. These areas are perfect for hikers, backpackers, and skiers. They have beautiful trails that offer panoramic views of the Great Plains. Hikers can enjoy the rolling hills of the Rocky Mountains as they travel the trail, or they can explore the many towns along the trail.

On the western trail you will cross over the Continental Divide. The trail then begins to make its way north into the Prairies of Texas. Hikers will enjoy the rolling prairies that wind around the sides of the Grand Canyon. The red river tells the adventure lover how much time has passed since the first red river settlers arrived in what is now New Mexico. The red river divides into seven official tribes, and all but the Pueblo Indians were forced to relocate to the west due to hostile encounters with the French.

The red river flows through what is known as the “Texas rotarian zone,” which is located between what is now Bexley and Dodge City. To the south lies the Texas panhandle; to the north east is the Donation Texas National Monument, and south west the junction of the Colorado and Texas rivers. All three of these areas contain numerous wildlife species. Throughout the Texas rotarian zone, you will find Texas maple leaf, photos, caddis flies, and numerous migratory birds.

Hiking the Western Trail allows one to appreciate the vast beauty found in the great American outdoors. In addition to viewing the magnificent scenery in this route, it also allows one to view the vast land of Mexico along the way. It is possible to complete this journey from Mexico to Arizona, as well as from Arizona to New Mexico. The Western Trail passes through some beautiful towns along the way, such as Coronado, Nacogdoches, Carlsbad, El Rio, and Santa Fe.

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