Interesting Facts About North America

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Interesting Facts About North America

North America is a very large continent in the Northern Hemisphere meaning that it is located almost entirely in the Northern Hemisphere. It is also commonly defined as the western sub-continent of a large southern continent, North America. This means that unlike the southern hemisphere, which is dominated by what is known as the Africaic or Old World continent, which has an entirely different continent on its south pole, North America has something to do with the European and Asian continents. The United States consists of twelve states which are divided into three geographical regions: the eastern states which include Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey, the middle states which include Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota, the western states which include Texas, Arizona, Colorado, and Montana, and the southern states which include Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

North America has a very large area which is covered by land which is known asland. This means that there are a lot of areas where there is water. In fact, it is the most wet continent in terms of rainfall since it shares a border with the Pacific Ocean. At the same time, this continent does have certain land areas which are desert. These areas are known as mountain ranges since they consist mostly of sand dunes and other terrain with low altitude.

North America is also one of the oldest continents which was formed in the solar system. The next oldest known continent is that of Earth which is in fact a planet which is about 4.5 billion years old. North America’s younger age is what makes it very interesting in terms of archeology. Most archeologists believe that this continent was populated right before the formation of the Indian and American continents.

One of the most important features of North America is that it is very far from Asia and Europe. This means that it has a large comparative advantage over these two other continents. It also has the largest land mass in the whole of the planet. Another aspect of North America which is very interesting is that it lies in the center of the world’s largest continent. This means that even if the Asian countries begin to slowly slip away, North America will remain firmly established. Also, North America can be considered as a very wealthy country as it has the highest per capita income in the whole of the planet.

North America also boasts of some of the most unique landscapes. For example, there are huge swaths of land which are desert like. Also, there are some regions which feature very unique and extraordinary wildlife. Also, there are some countries which are very interesting both in their people and in their culture. These include, Canada, the United States, Mexico, and South America.

One of the most interesting aspects of North America is that many of its cities lie very close to each other. This means that if you intend to travel from one city to another, it is not going to be that difficult. This is because the main airports of Canada, for example, are situated in either Montreal or Toronto. Also, there are direct flights to many North American countries from various parts of the world, including, Spain, South Africa, Germany, France, and many more. Therefore, travelling to North America can prove to be really exciting and convenient.

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