Learn About America’s History With Interactive Maps

One of the best ways to learn about America’s history is to look at its maps. Many of the world’s maps contain interactive features and information that you can use to understand the history of North America. An animated map shows changes in the borders of the continent over the centuries. In 1750, the Spanish settled St Augustine, Florida, and soon after, Newfoundland joined Canada. During the Nixon administration, the US and Mexico dissolved their border dispute. The English colonized Jamestown, Virginia, and began growing tobacco. The Pilgrim Fathers established Plymouth Colony near Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and were followed by other English Puritans in New England. During the early 1800s, hundreds of thousands of Africans were sold into slave plantations. In 1776, Britain gained control of the Mississippi River and the Civil Rights movement was born.

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The United States purchased the Louisiana Territory from Spain in 1803 and began the process of colonization. The United States also recognized the French as the sovereign state of the Americas, and in 1810, the first major conflict between European nations occurred. The region became known as the Mississippi Territory and the rest of Louisiana Territory became part of the USA. In the 19th century, European settlers migrated westward from the Atlantic coast to the Far West.

The American Revolution began when colonists arrived in North America in approximately 15,000 BC. The first indigenous people lived in the region and developed various indigenous cultures. Several of these cultures lasted only a few hundred years, but they died out in the sixteenth century. Christopher Columbus started European colonization of the Americas in 1492. The United States was the first nation to be able to record its history fully. The thirteen colonies were founded by the British in the 1760s. At that time, the colonies contained about 2.5 million people. The British imposed a series of taxes after defeating France. The Stamp Act of 1765 rejected this argument.

The America History and Life database covers the history of the United States and Canada. It also contains articles and books by leading academics. This database is available on TCNJ’s campus. A number of websites offer a free trial for the database. The online library’s American history and life website is a great resource for research and study. It is the perfect place to begin your research. This site is easy to use and offers a variety of helpful resources to explore.

America History and Life is the primary bibliographic reference for the United States and Canada. It includes thousands of journals published around the world, including the main English-language historical journals, selected historical journals in other countries, state histories, and the Social Sciences. It also contains book reviews and citations to dissertation abstracts. You can find information about the past of the United States and the Canadian provinces in the database. It is also a good source for the history of the United States and Canada.

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