Learn About Western World History

When you learn about western world history, you learn more about the ancient civilization and the impact it had on Western states today. This book will illuminate the ancient world, as well as the classical states’ influence on Western states. It is a fascinating and informative read. Whether you are a student of history or are just curious about its influences, you’ll love this book. The author provides detailed illustrations and historical facts to help you understand the events of ancient civilizations and the influences they had on Western states today.

During the Middle Ages, European civilization advanced past the Islamic world and the ancient Greeks. The Second Agricultural Revolution, Scientific Revolution, and Industrial Revolution paved the way for this development. These developments also included the transfer of science and technology from the East, including Greek and Islamic philosophers. These advances were followed by the Protestant Reformation. The modern era of western world history was dominated by European states, with the emergence of global empires.

Some world historians have advocated for a more inclusive and diverse approach to world history. However, there is a great deal of opposition to this program. Some world historians stress the importance of national involvement in global interactions, while opponents emphasize the superiority of Western values. A recent confrontation between world history and Western values was illustrated by the 9/11 attacks. In response, US President Lynn Cheney argued that the country was besieged and required a more stringent focus on Western values to protect its national security.

A complex and violent Western world history has been defined by two world wars, the Cold War, and the rise and fall of totalitarian states. While many countries suffered the same fate as their ancient counterparts, the Western world emerged victorious. The concept of Western civilization began in ancient Greece. This concept of freedom and democracy was born from the battle between Greek city states and the powerful Persian Empire. While the Persians were massively outnumbered, the Greek city states were still dominant.

The late-modern period of western world history includes the industrial revolution. The Industrial era brought with it a new appreciation of human dignity. In spite of this, it is important to remember that slavery was a long-term practice that lasted for centuries. As a result, the Western world was forever changed. While the European world may be considered the ‘Age of Enlightenment’, it was also marked by a number of struggles and upheavals.

The rise of Islam changed the geography of the western world. Islam burst out of Arabia during the seventh century and spread rapidly north, east, and west. It established great centers of learning and ruled the entire Iberian Peninsula until the 16th century. Its culture preserved many of the ancient Greek texts and translated them. This gave the west a different perspective than the medieval world. There are many differences between the western world and ancient world history, but there are some commonalities between the two.

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