Learning About the United States of America History

American history covers a long history of the United States. The country was formed from several states which were known as states of incorporation. States of America are made up of fifty different states. There is also the United States of American Indians. This is a part of the American government, although there are many Native Americans who live in the states of Montana, Idaho, and Alaska. They are not considered Americans though.

america history

You can take your children to view the different historical sites that are there. They can also have a look at the different battlefields that were used during the wars. The city of New York is one of the most famous cities of the world. It has also been the home of the richest people in the world as well as the biggest film industry in the world.

The first states to form the United States of America were known as Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. These were the original states when our country was formed. When the States of New York, Illinois, and Rhode Island were created later on, these were the last two states to join. The reason for this was because the other states wanted to have their own representation in the American government. But the States of Massachusetts and Rhode Island had no choice but to become one of the new states.

The beginning of the United States of America was a struggle between the British. The British were trying to colonize the country while it was under their control. Native American Indians joined the fight against the British. The Indians brought with them much of their knowledge about technology and medicine. Because of the assistance of the Native Americans, the British were pushed out and the country was created.

Our country’s history is also divided into three parts. One is the Constitutional History. This provides a very in-depth history of our country. Then you have the Judicial history. This provides you with all of the laws that the court has struck down and the cases that they have heard.

Lastly there is the Military history. This gives you an in-depth look at how we became an empire. You will also learn about the military alliances and conflicts that occurred during the time of our country’s history. In the end I think you will be satisfied with learning about the United States of America. It is a great country and we can be proud of all of the things we did and all the contributions we made.

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