North America

north america

Located in the Western Hemisphere, North America is the third largest continent by area. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean. Several large islands are found in the Americas, including Greenland, Cuba, and Newfoundland.

North America was once part of the supercontinent Pangaea. The continent separated from Eurasia during the mid-Cretaceous period. The continent began to rift, creating a new continent that was later named North America. Before the arrival of Europeans, the continent was dominated by native peoples. These peoples had several polities, some of which were very complex. These peoples did not always recognize the claims of European powers. In many cases, people were divided into different groups based on language, culture, and material.

As European colonialism took hold of the Americas, the continent became divided into two continents. The western part of the continent became known as Canada, while the eastern part became known as the United States. The two continents are now connected by the Panama Canal. In addition to the United States and Canada, North America includes Mexico, Belize, and Central America.

The United States and Canada are the largest countries in terms of land area. They both have lowlands in the middle and mountains in the east and west. The United States has the Atlantic and the Pacific coasts. The two countries are also members of two trade blocks. The United States and Canada have both enjoyed high standards of living as technologically developed countries.

The United States is the largest economy in the world. Its economy is structured into three major economic regions. The United States has a diverse population, and much of its population is urban. The population is increasing in the past fifty years, with the minority group being the fastest growing segment. Almost 80 percent of the population lives in urban or suburban areas.

The US population has been moving southward and westward over time. The majority of the population consists of immigrants. Many immigrants come from Asia, but only a minority come from Latin America. In the US, most people speak English as a native language, because of the strong colonial influence of the British.

The two continents are also divided into several regions, which are called “culture areas.” These areas roughly correspond to geographic zones and biological zones. In North America, people are classified according to their language family. The three major language groups are Spanish, Portuguese, and English. The majority of the population in the US is Christian. Other religious groups include Protestantism, Eastern Orthodox Christianity, and other Christian groups.

The United States and Canada share many similarities in their culture, history, and geography. The two countries have also been closely linked for a long time. Although most Americans today speak English, Canada has a distinct culture from the US. Unlike the US, Canada is protected by law.

In addition to the two continents, North America also includes the Caribbean Sea. Several islands are located in the Caribbean, including Cuba, the Bahamas, and Hispaniola. The Great Lakes of North America are among the largest freshwater lakes on the planet. These lakes were carved out by receding glaciers about 10,000 years ago.

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