North America – A Very Prosperous Place to Live

North America is an extremely large continent in the Northern Hemisphere which is located south of the equator and north of the Asia-Pacific Ocean. It is also characterized as the northern most sub continent of the Americas. It is bordered on two sides by the United States (including Texas, Arizona and New Mexico) and to the north by the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario. The southern border of this continent does not have any internal dividing lines although the continental borders generally follow the political and natural borders. The countries that comprise this continent differ widely when it comes to culture and size.

north america

This continent is very diverse because there are two wide and very long land masses that are separated by very vast oceans. These countries are: Canada and the United States. Within these countries, there are four different continents with the eastern continental United States and western Canada separating from the very bottom of Central America to the very north of Mexico. North America can be further divided into six parts: the Americas, Central America, South America, East Africa, the Caribbean and Europe.

North America has a very diverse climate which can be found across the entire continent. In the far north there are cold arctic regions which are covered with glaciers and covered mostly with snow. There are very high mountain ranges which stretch from the very north east towards the very north west. And in the far south there are tropical areas which receive large amounts of rainfall. In the centre of north america there are tropical areas which receive mostly rain fall, and in the south the same applies to the west coast.

When it comes to population, North America has a very rich one. The United States of America has a population of approximately 360 million people while Canada has a population of about 7 million people. This is due to the differences in size and density in between the two countries. In terms of land mass, Canada has quite a larger area than the United States of America and that is why some areas in the United States of America may seem to be a little crowded compared to the opposite continent.

The political system of both North America and Canada is highly developed with a strong democracy. Both countries have highly efficient transportation systems which allow for easy transportation between the countries. Both countries have well developed road networks and an advanced railway network. Also both countries have a wide variety of industries and the political system allows these industries to flourish.

The most outstanding aspect of this continent is that it offers a home for a large number of immigrants from all over the world. It has a very low crime rate and has an extremely hospitable population. In fact, it’s a very wise idea to relocate to Canada or the United States of America now because of all the things you can gain from both of these countries. You can live in peace and enjoy everything that Canada has to offer while at the same time enjoying freedom and prosperity like no other country on the face of the earth.

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