Riding the Western Trail in Texas

Western Trail

Riding the Western Trail in Texas

The Western Trail is one of the most treasured National Parks in the U.S. It covers approximately 550 miles between two mountain ranges, and offers magnificent views of wildlife and mountain peaks. The name Western Trail was given in honor of the legendary wagon trader W.W. Field.

The Great Western Cattle Trail has been used for long wagon transportation east of Yellowstone to prairies in northern Kansas and to east of Missoula, Montana for moving horses and cattle to market in northern and eastern states. Although the Great Western Trail is a picturesque route, it is challenging to navigate due to its many winding and incline roads. This challenge makes this part of the National Park a great place for experienced riders as well as a fun family adventure.

Beginning at the south end of the trail, the first western trail class is Mountain Biking. This trail class is a challenging trail for the novice rider and includes numerous technical obstacles. The trail includes three main points that are bridged by small dirt trails. At each of these points, the trail crosses an overlook where a horse can be ridden and there are also several pit toilets at each of the points.

The second western trail class begins at the north end of the trail. This class is easier for the experienced rider and includes multiple obstacles including rolling hills. The western trail also includes an easy loop where riders can park their bicycles. Several kilometers of single track path make up the third western trail class.

The fourth and final western trail class is called Ranching. This class involves ranching cattle on private property. Some of the common obstacles include chutes, jumps, saddle jumps, corral, fences and cows being stamped. It is best to be familiar with the cattle in Dodge City (Dodge City TX) before taking this class as some cattle can be aggressive and unsafe. The class will also teach you how to handle and care for your own cattle safely.

Not only is riding the Western Trail excellent for exercising and getting fit, but it is also a great way to spend a day while visiting one of the most beautiful places in Texas. While in Dodge City, you should also visit the many historic longhorn lodges that dot the landscape near the trail. You can take in the history of the area while still enjoying one of the best outdoor experiences you’ve ever had. There is plenty to do in and around the Western Trail, which is one reason why so many people choose to ride it. So whether you’re in Dodge for a day or a weekend of fun, the Western Trail in Texas is a ride that you will never forget.

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