The 400-Year History of America

The 400-year history of America is a fascinating and intense look at the people and events that shaped our country. While we attribute the nation’s rise to the virtues of our ancestors, slavery, and liberal democratic capitalism, there are plenty of contrasting events that have impacted this nation’s history. From the cruelty of slaves imported from Africa to the growth of the American army, the United States’ history is filled with tragedy and triumph.

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Fortunately, there are many sources to support a well-rounded knowledge of American history. CLIO Notes includes short summaries of major events and themes throughout the country’s history, making it a valuable resource for a student’s research. The database also covers the history of other countries. The U.S. Department of State has published an outline of its history that is particularly useful for college students. Additionally, the U.S. Chronology World Historical Database covers more than 1,800 academic journals, bringing you a global perspective.

The early days of the United States are filled with a fascinating history. The founding of the colonies in Plymouth and Jamestown is the first chapter in this history. This period includes a slave-based economy and the hardships and struggles faced by the colonists. As the colonies gain strength, tensions develop between Britain and the new world territories. As the nation grew, so did the slave trade, as the two sides vied for control of the region. It also documents the interactions between Native American peoples and the early development of the slave trade.

The collection also includes a wide variety of articles that discuss the history of the United States and Canada. It also includes a large selection of state and local history journals and selected historical journals from other major nations. This comprehensive bibliographic resource will enable students to find the best and most up-to-date material on American history. You can easily search the database using keyword searches. Its coverage of the United States and Canada is unparalleled and will prove useful to scholars and students alike.

The history of the United States began in the early 1500s. After the discovery of the continent, the first Europeans arrived in the Americas. In 1492, Columbus made landfall on the Bahama Islands and became the first European to reach the continent. The first attempt at establishing a permanent settlement in North America was made by Icelandic Vikings in the same region. These were the first attempts of the Europeans to set foot in the Americas.

After the American Revolutionary War, the country gained independence from the British. Although this is a short-term history, the country’s long-term story may still be sad. The Revolutionary War (1775-1783) was the first war that ended the slavery in the United States. However, the 19th Amendment ended the era of gender-based restrictions on the right to vote. But the United States was not born without its history. The country became independent only after the 1775-74 Arab oil embargo.

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