The Beginning of America History

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The Beginning of America History

When Americans think of America history, they tend to think of the past triumphs and defeats. Of course this is just a small portion of our nation’s history. Our nation has played many different roles throughout its history. Throughout our nation’s history, we have been known as the aggressor or protectors, democracy or dictatorship, warm water or ice, a first world nation or a first world country. The choices that our forefathers made at the time of our birth have played a great role in the way we operate today. This article will help you learn more about our nation’s early years and the impact they had on our nation’s growth and direction.

In the beginning, our country was known as colonies. Each of these colonies began with just a handful of families. It wasn’t long before those families decided to form their own nations within the United States of America. This is how the first nations of the United States of America began.

Before our country ever existed as a nation, our forefathers and the men who came before us were known as pioneers. Those men and women would establish colonies here and there throughout the wilderness, coastlines, and mountains. Each new location they found would be unique and offer a new challenge or experience. It was these pioneering spirit that would begin to shape the very foundation of America.

In order to understand the importance of our forefathers, one must know more about the period of time they were from. During the colonial period, our country was primarily a British Colony. Many Americans consider the colonists to be our country’s original people. However, the British did not like having their colonies occupied by the Americans. Therefore, a lot of bitterness occurred when American troops were ordered to stay in the British areas. This led to the infamous “No taxation without representation” clause that was later adopted into the US constitution.

One of the most significant events for our nation is our successful discovery of America. Early explorers came to America with the intention of creating a new colony. Unfortunately, disease and a shortage of food caught them off guard and many died. Their death created a wake-up call for America’s forefathers, and they took their newly discovered country back for their new home.

Throughout our history, we have strived to be the greatest nation ever created by man. We have sent people from every continent of the world to visit our shores and build anew. The greatest nation on Earth has only been this kind of nation since our great forefathers arrived here. It is our responsibility, then, to keep the memory of them alive.

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