The Benefits of Western History Association Membership

western history association membership

The Western History Association is an organization that offers a variety of benefits for its members. Membership provides access to a journal, conference papers, and an annual meeting held each October in a western town or city. It also gives teachers the opportunity to share their lesson plans and teaching strategies with scholars and peers from across the country, as well as a chance to connect with those who specialize in the study of the West.

The WHA offers a variety of awards and fellowships to scholars, public historians, graduate students, and teachers who are interested in studying the history of the West. Scholarships and fellowships are awarded each year, with submission deadlines in the spring and summer, and award announcements in the fall. These awards are made possible by the generosity of donors, who recognize the value of WHA’s scholarship in the field of western and American history.

In addition to these academic awards, the Western History Association has an extensive program of regional and national conferences. These conferences provide a venue for scholars and practitioners to present their research, connect with others in the field of western and American history, and participate in a wide range of professional workshops, seminars, and panel discussions. Each conference is organized and hosted by a local community in the host city, offering an intimate and welcoming environment for researchers, teachers, students, independent scholars, public historians, museum professionals, non profits, writers, and western enthusiasts from across the United States.

The WHA publishes the Western Historical Quarterly, a peer-reviewed journal that accepts original articles on any aspect of North American western history. The editorial board strives to cultivate diverse scholarship and foster an inclusive, interdisciplinary environment. The WHA also publishes numerous books on the history of the North American West, with an emphasis on the frontier era and the modern West. The Association also sponsors several auxiliary groups, which support the activities of the Society in their own unique ways. These auxiliary groups may have their own dues schedule, which is separate from the WRHS dues schedule.

The primary governing body of the Western History Association is the Council, which consists of the President, President-Elect, Executive Director, and seven regularly elected members to manage the business of the Association and promote a congenial home for all who study the North American West. The Council is supported by a Nominating Committee, an Executive Director Selection Committee, and a number of committees that oversee specific programs.

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