The Craggy Mountains – Home of the Appalachian Mountains

North America is an extremely large continent in the Northern Hemisphere which is quite entirely inside the Western Hemisphere and part of the Southern Hemisphere. It is also known as the western subcontinent of a large continent, America. Its western border is that of Mexico. Canada and the United States are to its south. North America contains a very large land mass which is indeed varied. There are deserts, grasslands, forests and jungles in this continent.

north america

The most populous area of north america is what is known as the United States. It is divided into thirteen original states. The northern part of this continent has a very humid and temperate climate with the exception of the Great Plains. The southern part is more tropical with a cold and arid climate.

The four main islands of north america are named after the US President George Washington, including Delaware, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Montana. The northern part of this continent has bordered the Canadian continent on its east and south by the vast northern range and on its west by the Rocky Mountains. On its south side, it is bordered by the Indian tribes of the southwest. The most important islands are the Island of Mexico, Oregon, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, and Wisconsin.

North America has the largest amount of land mass of any continent. Due to the diversity found in this continent, there are many different ethnic groups. Different cultures and ethnic groups have developed their own languages, unique customs and ways of life in this north American paradise. There are also some genetically diverse indigenous peoples of this continent.

One of the most diverse groups of people in north america are the Tarahumara Indians. These native people are of Native American Indian descent and speak a unique language. Two other tribes are the Hopi and the Cheyenne. These two groups were brutally exterminated by the whites when they took over the Lakota and Dakota tribes. Over 100 tribes from three continents are represented in this continent. Some of these tribes are extinct and the rest are dispersed to various islands in the ocean and even the frozen wastes of Alaska.

Another group of people who call north america home are the Appalachian Mountains. The Appalachian mountains range from the eastern seaboard states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maine all the way up to the Canadian border. The highest peaks are those of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, the Rockies in Colorado, and the Great Smoky Mountains in Georgia. Many mountaineers and hikers make this part of the continent their home.

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