The History of America: Life in the 21st Century

The 400-year history of America is a fascinating and challenging look at people, history, and events. The Declaration of Independence was presented by Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams. While the founding fathers did their best to make the country a democracy, there were many pitfalls along the way. Despite these mistakes, the US has made its mark on the world as one of the most free and tolerant countries in the world.

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Before the 19th century, many states offered full suffrage to women. However, only eight states allowed women to vote in some elections. In response, the 19th Amendment was passed, ending the gender-based restrictions on voting and guaranteeing the right of women to vote de jure. Several other notable events in the history of the United States can be found through the scholarly literature that covers other countries. Those who want a comprehensive overview of our nation’s history will find the information they need in America: Life in the 21st Century.

The first major exploration of the Americas was led by Christopher Columbus. He was sponsored by Spain, which made his voyage possible. Other colonies were established in the Pacific, such as Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines. The United States entered the Pacific War in 1914, a period when many European nations had no colony in the region. This led to competition between countries for the best territories to colonize and a great loss of lives and livelihood.

America: History and Life contains hundreds of thousands of articles on American history. In addition, it contains book reviews, abstracts of dissertations, and other published material. The database is updated annually with over 16,000 new entries, and is available to TCNJ campus users. After the Revolutionary War, mass immigration from Europe began. The American population had grown to over 30 million people and the number of states doubled to 45. The new settlers had their share of problems, and many countries were in a state of decline.

America: History and Life covers thousands of journals published worldwide. It is the primary bibliographic reference for American history, and contains articles from leading academic journals. In addition to historical journals, it also includes state history journals, book reviews, and more. Its unique indexing features make it the premier resource for American history. It is an invaluable resource for historians. It includes citations to books, articles, dissertations, and scholarly papers on the United States and its past.

America: History and Life is a comprehensive bibliographic database that covers state and local history journals, as well as key English-language historical journals. The database also includes over 2,000 journal citations and links to book reviews. It has a wealth of information on the history of the United States and its past. It also offers a world view. If you are researching the history of America, make sure to check out the comprehensive index of history and life.

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