The West as a Part of History

Western history is the period of history that occurred prior to the Renaissance. This period of time is characterized by profound societal changes and advancements in almost all areas of human society. For the most part, this period of time was known as the Dark Ages. However, it also marked the beginning of the greatest flowering periods in world history such as the Renaissance. In this article, we will discuss some of the most important aspects of Western history.

western history

The primary focus of this article is the development of Western civilization. Western civilization traces its origins to Europe and the Mediterranean region. It is intimately connected to medieval Europe, ancient Greece and to medieval Islamic civilization that developed in the seventh and eight centuries before the Common Era. Throughout much of the Early Modern period, the Western World experienced periods of ascendancy and Pax Romana. In the modern era, this form of government reached its peak during the rule of Queen Victoria. Throughout most of the period of Colonial rule, the United States was largely a slave state of Great Britain, Canada and Australia.

It was under the leadership of such individuals as America’s entry into World War I and the Second World War that the West saw a rebirth of its global greatness. After the war, a great flowering period occurred as the modern world entered the age of modernity. Throughout the 20th century, numerous revolutionary events occurred in the World in which great political and social progress occurred. With the exception of two world wars, these events were led by the enlightened nations of the West. For example, with the spread of nuclear technology, people were able to communicate with one another across the globe.

The period of history referred to as the Dark Age resulted in a decline in the level of learning. Most of the written records were lost and only oral communication took place. Most cultures were illiterate and the population was composed of farmers who could neither read nor write. With this state of affairs, communication with others also became difficult. Western culture was founded on the principle of individual freedom and a free market, which is considered the foundation of modern economy. With this rise in prosperity, came a new awareness of individual rights and an attempt to better the condition of the working class.

The rise and fall of empires were an interesting part of world history. The Roman Empire was the most powerful and longest lasting empire in the ancient world. The fall of the Roman Empire was at the hands of the Germanic tribes. During the time of the Roman Empire, Europe experienced a massive onslaught of invaders from neighboring areas of the east. A lot of cultural influence was also brought by the Romans on various cultures of the east.

In today’s western world, a great variety of opinions surround the events of history. However, a common theme seems to remain, which is individualism, individual rights and freedom and, above all else, the rule of God. This theme can be seen throughout history from the beginning of Western history up to the present day. The west may have started off with humble beginnings, but it has become the greatest civilization in the world.

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