The Western History Association

western history association membership

The Western History Association is a nonprofit organization that promotes the study of the American West. This organization was founded by a group of historians who believed the west was rich in history. Now, more than 3,000 members of the organization gather every year to discuss topics of interest to the western world. From Indigenous people and women to labor and the environment, the association’s membership includes a wide variety of historians. Members can expect to find a wealth of new information and opportunities to advance their academic careers.

As a member of the WHA, you will receive the association’s quarterly journal, the Western Historical Quarterly. This magazine is published in both paper and electronic format and is available for $15 per issue. For more information about the association’s publications and events, visit the Western History Association website. This website contains an extensive list of members. The WHA has a long and rich history, and membership is the perfect way to support the organization’s mission.

The Western Historical Quarterly is the official journal of the association, which publishes original scholarly articles on the subject. Articles on the American West, twentieth-century regional studies, Native American history, and the development of western Canada, northern Mexico, and Alaska are included in the journal’s contents. Additionally, the journal features bibliographic lists of recent articles. Members can join the Western History Association online or via the postal service. The official journal is published by Utah State University.

The San Diego Corral of the Westerners was a historical organization that aimed to promote and increase membership in the association. The newsletter included articles about different aspects of the Western landscape, as well as letters to the editor and the Sheriff. The San Diego Corral of the Westerners’ history is well documented in its newsletter, the Wrangler, which was published from 1968 to 2007. The Wrangler included historical photographs, illustrations, and subject files, as well as meeting notes and other archival materials.

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