Travel to North America

North America is a very large continent completely inside the Northern Hemisphere and just within the Western Hemisphere as well. It can be defined as the eastern sub-continent of the Americas. As of today, it constitutes the vast majority of the continent as seen by satellite maps. The remaining portions of the continent are from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. North America has an average snowfall of less than two meters per year, which is quite unheard of in the warmer southern hemisphere.

north america

While technically the continent does not have ice, it is very cold and does have arctic regions. In terms of culture, North America is one of the first cultures in human history to rise and become developed. It is also one of the last continents to settle and become developed in the Northern Hemisphere. North America offers a very diverse landscape with arctic and sub-arctic regions, as well as warm and desert areas. While the climate is very cold and arctic, there are tropical areas as well where the climate is warmer.

North America is composed of six sub-continents that run through the continent. Each of these has unique characteristics that set them apart. The most easterly of these six is the American continents with the exception of the Alaska Peninsula, which is under the continental shelves. The central continental shelf lies between the Pacific and the Arctic oceans. These two oceans contain more than 90% of the Earth’s usable surface area.

Unlike the Asian continent, the American continent has developed no large island groups. This is not to say that the islands are uninhabited by human beings. There are isolated island chains that are found in the middle of the North Pacific. They are only inhabited by rare species of flora and fauna. Some of these island chains have been discovered to contain substantial amounts of oil and gas deposits that hold huge potential for development.

As of now, there are four habitable land masses on the north American continent. These include the continental shelves, the central continental area, the Pacific ocean and the Arctic. The weathers conditions in the region are moderate and they are mostly temperate.

When traveling to this region of the world, it is important to dress appropriately. While the temperature remains cold, snow and ice may be expected in winter. If you want to go skiing, make sure you rent a sled or snowboard before heading out. The snow can really add up and you wouldn’t want to drop your equipment. The warm temperatures however are ideal for enjoying an outdoor adventure. The only thing you need to do is dress appropriately so you can avoid getting sunburns and freeze dried bugs on your clothing.

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