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Western history covers a period of more than two thousand years. This period has marked the rise and fall of civilizations. The westward expansion was fuelled by the spread of Islam throughout the Middle East and into Asia. As Islam spread its influence across the world, western influences also flourished. Ultimately, western civilization traces its origins back to ancient Greece and the Mediterranean.

western history

One of the most dominant trends in the development of the west is the religious awakening. As this happened, individuals throughout the west began to seek out knowledge of their past. This search eventually developed into what we today call western civilization. It is strongly connected to ancient Greece and the Roman Empire, especially when Christianity emerged from the Dark Ages. When you enroll anytime at an online course about western history, you will likely learn about the following.

During the colonial era, Europeans sought out ways to expand their borders. At the time, gold was used as a currency and European powers were trying to exploit newly found resources. In order to keep up with trading demands, America and Britain were often in competition with each other. After the French and Indian Wars were over, Europeans turned their eyes to the north American continent. Enrolling in a course about western history in any online university will allow you to explore the impact that European expansion had on the development of North American society.

After the French and Indian Wars were over, Britain and the United States faced off against each other in what came to be the Revolutionary War. Throughout the war, both Britain and America tried to take control of Canada by force. Although the British were successful, they did not win by large margins. On the other hand, the Americans were able to defeat the British at Yorktown, which became the spark that ignited the fight for independence.

When students complete a western history course at an online college or university, they can study themes from all parts of the west. Not only did the west shape modern society in terms of religion, technology, politics and economy, but also the lives of its early inhabitants. A class about early western history can touch on such diverse subjects as cowboy boots and the Cherokee Indians, to the life of Gen. George Armstrong Custer. An example of a class on western history online would teach students about the Trail of Tears, because it is one of the most dramatic parts of American history. It describes how Custer and his men, after being forced to retreat to the west by the Indians, made a dangerous trek over an extremely difficult terrain.

Online courses in western history are ideal for students who wish to gain a more in-depth knowledge about this fascinating period in our nation’s history. If your goal is to become a museum expert, then you should consider taking a class about western history. Your students will also benefit from taking a course in western history if you want to write about the subject for a paper for college or publication. The course will also give them a great topic to work on after graduation, when they may wish to write about topics that interest them personally. Whichever option you select, your students will have many opportunities to learn and grow through western history education.

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