What Exactly Is North America?

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What Exactly Is North America?

North America is a very large continent in the Northern Hemisphere and quite partly within the Eastern Hemisphere. It is also designated as the northernmost sub continent of a single continental area, America. From the perspective of geography and topography, it is the second largest continent behind Asia and is bordered on three sides by the Indian Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. Africa to the south, and central and South America to the east and south-west are to the north-eastern side.

Like Europe and Asia, North America has four continents with their own languages and societies. Canada, the United States, Mexico and Central America are to the north-western side, and South America to the north-eastern. Each of these countries has a diverse geography and varies greatly in climatic conditions. The eastern side of North America experiences cold winters and the western side experiences warm summers with humid and arid conditions. As a result, North America has much higher temperatures than most other areas of the world.

While Europe is mostly mountainous and has a relatively short period of rainfall, North America is desert with no lowland areas and extensive areas of sand dunes. It is therefore an arid continent. It also has a thick air mass which helps it to experience a very warm and humid weather. Because of this feature, North America is the only place on earth where you can see a complete continent! This means that all four seasons can be viewed in North America which is what makes it the largest continent.

When travelling around North America you will find that each state is unique and has its own climate. The western states such as Minnesota and Colorado have long cold winters. However, the central states such as Texas and Nebraska have a hot and humid summers. On the other hand, the eastern states such as New York and Pennsylvania have very mild winters. The northern most states such as Canada have snow covered winters. The shortest river system in North America, the Missouri, is located in south central states of Iowa and Illinois.

When travelling around North America you will notice that there are many differences between the culture of each state. For example, in the US there are two major religions whereas in some other countries like Canada and some other countries there are only one major religion. In addition to that, when traveling around North America you will notice that the most common language spoken is English in the southern states while French and Native American languages are mostly used in the Canadian Shield. The oldest cities in North America include Omaha, Nebraska (the state capital), St. Paul, Minnesota, and New Orleans.

Traveling around North America can be an exciting adventure for those who are looking for new destinations. There is so much to see and experience. In addition to the landscape of each state there is also the history of each one. By learning more about each continent you may find that you want to visit both continents. Although travelling around North America can be an exciting travel experience, if you do not like the climate of certain states (such as Montana) then you should consider visiting Europe. Not only is it a more expensive journey but it is also a more interesting journey because you get to experience different cultures, traditions, and life styles all within one of the most well-known continents in the world.

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