Benefits of Western History Association Membership

Founded in 1961, the western history association brings together writers, scholars, collectors, curators, educators, students and others interested in the study of the North American West in its broadest sense. It is the only organization dedicated to fostering the study of all aspects of this fascinating period in our nation’s and world’s past.

WHA members have access to a number of valuable resources including the premier western history journal, The Western Historical Quarterly, and a bi-annual newsletter. They are also eligible to apply for grants, participate in syllabi exchanges, and receive conference announcements and news. They also receive discounted registration rates for the annual conference, which is held each summer in a different Western or eastern city and brings together a diverse group of historians, teachers, authors, museum directors, and other professionals.

During the four day event, participants can hear authors, scholars, researchers, and other experts discuss their work in a wide variety of topics. They can also shop for new and rare out-of-print western books, pamphlets, art, and ephemera from dealers and vendors. And they can attend breakout sessions, guided tours of local museums and historic sites, and the prestigious awards banquet.

For those unable to attend the annual conference, they can keep up with the latest research and developments in the field through the journal and a monthly online newsletter. And for those interested in pursuing their own academic career path, the association provides scholarships and fellowships that allow graduate students to pursue the study of western history full-time.

The Society’s membership includes a wide range of individuals, from school teachers to public historians, and from graduate students to senior faculty. Its mission is to cultivate the study of all aspects of North American Western and frontier history, and the study of the connections between the West and other parts of the world.

In addition to its own conferences and publications, the society also works through its local chapters and through a variety of partnerships with other institutions. For example, it sponsors lectures, forums, and debates, hosts local book signings, and provides a meeting place for history students and professors to gather in a social setting.

Other benefits of membership include the annual Charles E. Smith Award, which is given to the best book published in European history by a member of the society. And it offers a scholarship fund to help offset the cost of publishing a dissertation in western history.

Joining the WRHS is simple and easy! You can become a member by completing the online form or by sending your application to WRHS International Headquarters. Membership is automatically renewed annually unless otherwise specified. If you wish to discontinue your membership, simply click here to cancel your auto-renewal. All memberships include a subscription to the award-winning journal, The Western Historical Quarterly. Memberships run from January 1 to December 31. Memberships include reciprocal membership to the Time Travelers Network of participating history museums. To order a back issue of the journal or an individual article, visit UNP Journals Customer Service.

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