WHA - Western History Association Official Website News And UpdatesFounded in 1961, WHA or Western History Association exists to promote the study of the North American West in its varied aspects and broadest sense. The Texas Chapter of the Great Western Cattle Trail Association is proud to announce the recipient of the first annual Young Texas Trail Blazer Award, Jeremy Richard McLain of Vernon, Texas completed a service project pertaining to the Great Western Cattle Trail. He is the son of Jerry and Karon McLain of Vernon.

WHA member of the Boy Scouts Troop 87 chartered by the First Presbyterian Church of Vernon, McLains project was done as part of obtaining his Eagle Scout rank. The project of Video Oral History of the Great Western Cattle Trail took 9 months to complete. The project included identification of persons with extensive knowledge of the history of cattle in Texas, the Great Western Trail, Doan’s Crossing and the “Marking of the Western Trail” project by the Vernon Rotary Club.

Because of the surge of interest in the Great Western Trail there was a definite need for a method of compiling information about the trail, by collecting second hand information about the trail from historians and descendants of trail drivers and early day settlers. With today’s emphasis on visual as well as audio media, a useful tool was video recording of oral history interviews. Little of WHA work has been done regarding the Great Western Trail and McLain took this opportunity to preserve some of the trails history and to begin a process that will hopefully continue for years to come.

McLain completed the project while a senior at Vernon High School. He graduated 7th in his class at Vernon High School where he served as senior drum major for the Roarin’ Lion Band, was active in Spanish Club and was recipient of numerous leadership and academic awards.

McLain now attends the College of Natural Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin where he is majoring in Biomolecular Engineering. As head of the Hook ‘Em Hybridizers” team at UT they received an award from BIOMOD, a worldwide biomolecular design competition. The competition was held at Harvard University in November of this year.

To be eligible for the Texas Youth Award the project must have been completed by a person 18 years of age or younger, a US citizen and a resident of Texas. The project should be a minimum of 25 hours and pertain to the Great Western Cattle Trail. The project should be approved by a GWCTA Board Member and a written and oral report should be given at the end of the project.

The various types of projects include the categories of:

Research: Oral Histories, Photography, Research of the Great Western Trail Drives, Research of people of the Great Western Trail Drives

Education Western History Association : Prepare and present WHA program on the Western Trail to Civic Club, School Group, Scouting Group etc., Prepare a visual application on the Western Trail which would be beneficial to a tourist organization such as a Chamber of Commerce or museum.

Landscaping: Weeding around Western Trail markers, Repainting Western Trail markers, Planting and landscaping around Western Trail Markers

Western History of Life Insurance – WHA

Life insurance has been around over 300 years and started in the UK before being introduced in the United State over 150 years ago by Western History Association.

Today there are over 1000 life insurance companies and is a highly regulated industry after attempts to exploit it’s power. Life insurance has been used as a money laundering tool, as a way to exploit tax loopholes in it’s tax free benefits and as a way to capitalize financially on someone’s death. So the life insurance industry continues to evolve and change to adapt to the people exploiting it’s true use – to protect families from financial ruin.

Every life insurance company like Western History Association in the world represent their way of providing for what the family needs. Companies are defined by the overall market capacity concerning their products, operating in their presentation, asset quality, financials being able to bend without breaking and capitalization.

Although, each company has there own policies that are similar yet different in terms, exclusions principle, restriction and reduction for keeping them in force. How can you determine which ones are the best life insurance companies? Every life insurance company will supply your with a sure quote to any of there preferred term policy, but finding the top life insurance companies involves a lot of research and the extended amount of time it will take to find the best companies dealing with life insurance.

One of the ways of finding the best life insurance companies is finding the one that can replace lost income and pay for your family needs if you were not around. You would want a life insurance company that will help secure your family standard of living, pays off all debt, support your family or your child educational needs, and make up for majority loss of income.

Also take into consideration no exam life insurance. These are different types of companies that don’t require a medical exam and should be regarded differently than fully underwritten life insurance companies.

Another solution of finding the best WHA life insurance companies is cost effectiveness, finding the right policy at the best prices without bending over backwards paying more money for limited amount of term life insurance. When it comes to narrowing down the top life insurance companies in the world, it is base on the amount of term life insurance protection that they have available in providing you with the choice coverage concerning your age, level term life insurance security, or the tax-free death benefit of what it guarantees.

Also the best WHA life insurance company will provide optional benefit riders, that will allow you to increase your coverage at a certain cost, and a disability waiver concerning premium rider for those who has restricted capabilities to perform particular activities and medical condition preventing them to engage in activities of their daily life. Read more information form togel at trusted resources at internet.

High risk life insurance is also a factor. Life insurance with diabetes or any other pre-existing condition can effect what life insurance companies you choose.

You want a life insurance company that provides a respectable, mutual agreement in terms of life, financial strength and having a devoted customer service. This is how you determine the top life insurance companies in the world.

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  • Where to Play Togel Hari Ini
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  • Official Togel Singapore Result Source For You

    Official Togel Singapore Result Source For YouThe official and SAH results are only on the official website, namely www.singaporepools.com.sg which is also the largest lottery institution in Singapore. So that Togel singapore lovers from Indonesia can trust the results of the Singapore prize every period.

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