Different Cultural Elements That Derived From the West

Western history can be divided into four main eras of time, Western history, Ancient history, Early Modern history and Post-modern history. Each has its own feel and style, but all have their roots back in the ancient and medieval periods. Western culture traces its origins back to the Mediterranean and Europe. It’s associated with ancient Greece, the Roman Empire and later with Medieval Christendom that evolved from the Middle Ages into the Renaissance.

During the Later Middle Ages, after Charlemagne unified the French monarchy, Italy was led to be part of the Roman Empire. The Roman influence was greatly felt through the centuries, as you find the castles and cathedrals all over the continent of Europe that bear Roman influence. Christianity became the most popular religion during this time. As the years passed, with the advancing technology and complexity of machines, the complexity of this civilization became stronger and more developed. The Hebrew Bible came out and started to write for the first time, and Islam also spread all over the region of the World.

When Islam spread all over the globe, it brought along a lot of culture and religious ideas that were introduced by Arabic rulers to the Jews and Christianity. Islam, in turn, influenced the civilizations of the Hindus and the Chinese. The Chinese, for example, made great contributions to the development of china, while the Hindus brought about the concept of Buddhism. All these great civilizations of the world are connected by the common concept of Allah, or God, and the common symbol of Islam is therescent, which is a star known to the whole world as the moon.

In the Early Modern era, after the French Revolution, everything changed for the western history. With the French Revolution, the nobility and the clergy, who were the key figures of power in the French society, lost their power and influence. The French people, who were known for their fierce independence, made an attempt at making the world an English speaking place. They also brought about the concept of the rule of the educated, which was in stark contrast with the absolute power of the former aristocratic families.

This struggle between the peoples of Europe is the reason why we have seen major changes in the western history. After the French Revolution, which was led by the Jacobins, there was a marked deterioration in the culture, as well as the education level. People were no longer interested in reading books or learning how to write them, they wanted to learn how to fight and defend themselves. The development of modern weaponry provided the means for the aristocratic families to get their revenge. This started the bloodiest war in the history of Europe, which was known as the Thirty Years War.

As time passed by, with the help of different writers and artists, we can see the different influences that the west brought to the world. We can learn more about the lives of the different people from their culture. In addition, these developments also influenced the development of the western history and the different civilization that have been created in the world. This is an essential aspect in today’s world, as we cannot deny the fact that the west holds the key to the understanding of the entire world.

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