The Western History Association

The Western History Association is an organization dedicated to the promotion of scholarship and research on the history of the North American West, in its varied aspects and broadest sense. It brings together academic historians, K-12 teachers, independent scholars, archivists, librarians, curators, authors, publishers, public historians and students to promote professional development and share their research, teaching and passion for the West. Membership in WHA includes a subscription to the award-winning journal, the Western Historical Quarterly and access to the annual conference as well as a connection to a vast network of writers, scholars, editors, teachers, museum professionals, students, and enthusiasts of the American West. Membership also provides discounts on conference registration and WHA publications, as well as other promotions. Membership automatically renews each year for your convenience. Click here to learn more about membership and to join/renew.

The primary governing body of the association is the Council, consisting of the President, the President-Elect, the Executive Director, and seven regularly elected members who manage the business of the association and create policies that promote a congenial home for those who study the North American West. The Council is assisted by the Nominating Committee and a number of committees that oversee specific programs.

WHA is committed to a diverse and inclusive scholarship, community, and workplace. The association opposes all forms of harassment, discrimination and retaliation in the name of our shared values of respect, equity, inclusivity and professional growth. WHA recognizes that such actions undermine the integrity of the historical profession and prevent the healthy exchange of ideas essential to the advancement of knowledge.

Each October, WHA members meet in a western town or city for a three- to four-day conference that features sessions, roundtables, and workshops on a wide variety of topics related to the American West. The annual meeting offers scholars a chance to share their research and connect with peers, and it gives teachers the opportunity to gather with colleagues to discuss lesson plans and classroom strategies.

Each year, the association awards more than 30 prizes to support research and writing on western history. Some of these are named after famous individuals associated with the West while others honor a specific aspect of the field. Click on the links below to find out more about each award and to view past recipients.

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