What Is Western World History?

western world history

Western world history is the study of European world civilization from its beginnings to modern times. This includes not just what happened in Europe but also the influence of western culture on other parts of the world, such as Asia and the Americas. It also looks at how western ideas have changed over time, a key aspect of any essay about history. Often students make the mistake of merely listing events in history, but this is not enough to make a good essay on the topic. Instead, the writer should look at how those events or ideas affected people and then explain why those people might have been influenced by those events.

Western history has a long history that begins with the fall of the Roman Empire. It then includes the Reformation and the counter-reformation fought by Catholicism. This was a time of great wars and the formation of many of the countries we know today. It was also a time of colonization, where European powers spread their ideas, technology and exploitation across the globe.

The Renaissance, with its great art, science and literature, was an important part of this. It was followed by the enlightenment, when many people in the west began to think differently about religion and politics. The industrial revolution is another important event that changes the way we live, and this was also the era when women began to get more rights and freedoms in western societies.

During this period, the world entered a new age with the discovery of electricity and steam power, as well as major scientific achievements such as Gregor Mendel’s genetic experiments and Galileo’s telescope. This era was marked by rapid change in the ways people lived and thought, as well as by a number of significant political upheavals, including the Glorious Revolution in England, the French Revolution, and the American Revolution.

After these, came the first world war. This was an event that changed the whole world, and it also ended up destroying most of the great European empires, such as the Ottoman Empire, Germany and Austria-Hungary. After this came the second world war, which was a much bigger conflict, and it included many more people than the first one had.

After this, the Cold War between communist states and capitalist nations began. This is the period when we can really see how fast things are changing, and it may not be too far into the future when the concept of the west as a dominant force in the world will start to disappear. This is especially true if the world starts to adopt new political systems that are based on equality for all, rather than the domination of the few by the few. This will be a very different world, and it’s important to understand how we got here. That will help us to decide where we are going in the future. Thanks for reading! Good luck with your essay!

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