A Guide to American History

america history

During the 17th and 18th centuries, Americans began to demand independence from the British. By 1776, the country became a republic. The United States Constitution was passed and provided for three branches of government. This included a House of Representatives with representation based on population, and a Senate with a representative based on equality of states.

During the early years of the republic, political factions started to clash. The Whig Party was torn apart by sectional antagonism. Eventually, the Republican Party was formed. It attracted different supporters, including abolitionists, who wanted to end slavery. The Republican Party was also known for supporting high protective tariffs.

The American Civil War began in 1861. The two factions, the Southern states that wanted to declare independence and the Northern states that did not, engaged in a conflict. During this period, several hundred blacks were sent south into slavery. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibited discrimination on the basis of race, color or national origin. This was a landmark piece of legislation in American history.

The American History Digital Library contains transcriptions of major documents. The site also has videos covering 26 topics. The site is part of the American Historical Association, a professional organization for historians. It provides information and resources for educators and the general public. It also provides awards for distinguished historians.

The American Historical Association also provides information and grants for historians and students. Its digital library includes primary sources, such as documents from the Nuremberg Trials. It also contains digital versions of 100 milestone documents in American history.

The American History X website contains visually graphic reenactments of important events in American history. It also uses special effects to create an engaging and entertaining look at prominent events. Some of the topics discussed include the Civil War, slavery, disease, and Native American displacement. It also discusses topics such as prostitution, cannibalism, and starvation.

One of the most important events in American history was the Boston Tea Party. The Boston Tea Party was a protest against a law requiring the government to tax tea. The tea was brought to Boston Harbor, and dumped there. During the event, some people were murdered. The event was a contributing factor to the American Revolution.

A famous example of an assassination plot was organized by Booth, who planned to kill President Lincoln and Vice President David Herold. Booth originally intended to kidnap Lincoln. However, he promised to kill Lincoln after hearing a speech on citizenship for slaves. The plot failed. The president was not killed, but Booth died before the plot could take place.

The American Revolution was a very violent time in history. The Boston Tea Party contributed to the American Revolution. The American Civil War was a conflict between the Southern states and the Northern states. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibited segregation in public facilities and private establishments. It also expanded federal authority over private behavior.

Other important events in American history include the Declaration of Independence, the Civil War, and the Great Depression. These events made the country what it is today. However, some of these events were violent, and they can be disturbing to some viewers.

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