Landscape With North America

North America is the most southern continent and includes all of the continental areas that make up the United States. It also is the northern section of a single hemisphere, America. The countries that comprise this continent include Texas, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, Quebec, New Jersey, New Mexico, California, Arizona, Texas, Oregon, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

north america

The dividing line between North America and the southern continents of Oceania and Antarctica is the continental divide. As you will see when you look at maps of the continents, the continental divide lies on the western side of the North American continent. Therefore, if you put the western part of the North American continent on a map representing the portion of the earth which is in general north-eastern, you would get the Gulf of Mexico. If you put the Gulf of Mexico on a north-eastern representation of the north American continent, you would get the Pacific Ocean. In addition, if you put the Pacific Ocean on a north-western representation of the north American continent, you would get the Arctic Ocean.

North America is the most southern continent when it comes to its geographic location. This is because, although it is closer to the southern portions of the earth than any other continent, it is the southernmost of all the continents. When you look at a map of North America, the continent appears to be tilted towards the southern sky. This is true whether you view the map directly from the southern sky or from any angle southwards towards the southern sky.

Because North America lies so far away from the sun, summer is the hottest season in this part of the world. This means that those living in North America have to dress in layers. In summer, white-out clothes are the only way to prevent sunburns and cool downs. For those who prefer to stay out in the sun, there are various resorts and hotels around the continent that offer air conditioning, swimming pools, and indoor gyms. Those who are afraid of the sun can stick to shady spots in North America.

As for plants and trees, there are more forests and shrubbery in North America than anywhere else on the globe. The Great Plains have a huge variety of tree species, including cedar, redwood, Douglas fir, and white pine. Some of the world’s largest trees grow in the northern part of the continent. These include the Sequoia and the Australian Melaleuca.

The most important aspect of North American vegetation is the desert. There are two oceans in north-eastern America and they connect the western part of the continent with the eastern part. The Rockies, which are high ridges in the north-eastern corner of North America, would provide an excellent place for photography; but the plains would be better suited for hiking.

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