Learn About North America

North America is the last continent to be discovered by Europeans. It is the last land mass on which humans developed civilization. It is very important because North America forms the borderland between the Eastern and the Western hemispheres. North America is an extremely large continent and is covered with mountains, plateaus and prairies. It also has arid and desert conditions. The most arable land lies in northern part of the continent.

north america

North America has ten through seven million square kilometers of area and about twenty five to forty percent of this area is in the United States of America. It was a very important continent for Native Americans when they were making moccasins, clothes, pottery and even tools. The tallow tree was very important for the tribes and was used to produce moccasin leather. The Rocky Mountains are the highest mountains in north america and the dividing line between the eastern and the western hemispheres.

The Caribbean islands in north america have the largest human population in the world. It is divided into two groups, the islands of Barbados and St. Lucia, and the north coast of Mexico. The Carribean people occupied these islands until the arrival of Spanish sailors. These indigenous peoples still live in the low lands of south caribbean.

The Caribbean island nations form the most southern part of north america. Most of them have mountainous areas and ocean-frequented rivers. The most important river system of these countries is the Mississippi. Another river system of the Caribbean is the Caribbean River system which includes the river that forms the international airport of Mexico. Other important rivers and mountain ranges of north america are the Rockies, Tarahumara, Patagonia, Sierra Madre and Yucatan.

The third type of land mass in north america is Alaska. This land mass is considered to be transitional between continental and oceanic. You can see beautiful landscape and wild animals around the Alaskan area. The Alaskan people built their houses along the shoreline and raised crops, hunting and fishing on the sea and in the forests. The wildlife of Alaskan are unique, you can see whales, sea lions, bears, deer and elk. Also, there are some rare tropical plant and animal species of Alaskan.

The fourth and last land mass in north america is New York City. The city of New York has a great influence on the development of the whole country. There are many places and cultures of New York City. Many people visit New York City every year, so if you want to travel to the North America, you should visit the city of New York.

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