What to Expect From North America

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What to Expect From North America

North America is the only continent that lies entirely in both the Northern and the Southern hemisphere. It is also known as the northern hemisphere or the western hemisphere. The United States of America was created when the North American continent was squeezed into the Eastern United States and the Central America. Since the North American continents were separate before; they are still different today.

North America consists of seven countries: Canada, Mexico, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon and Colorado. These countries are all diverse when it comes to their cultures, way of life and even geographic locations. There are two differences though between these countries. While some are small in size and some are large in land mass, each country has some things in common with one another. Some have large cities like Vancouver, Washington, while others have small and peaceful towns. Also, while most of these countries are very similar in terms of their language and culture, the differences in land mass mean that each nation has a different climate and weather.

Unlike the other continents, North America experiences four seasons, which include winter, summer, fall and spring. This weather pattern makes the continent quite inviting to people. The four seasons in turn have led to a large diversity of ecosystems, native plant and animal life and landscape. For example, while there are boreal forests in some areas of the north, there are tropical rain forests in others.

While some might consider this a drawback, North America has quite a diverse climate. Rain forests grow in some areas and desert areas offer the ideal place to hunt and ride horses in comfort. It is a diverse continent that contains four habitable land masses. Although the climate is perfect for travelers have options of land and sea, they will have to make sure that they have the right clothing and accessories depending on the climate.

North America offers a wide variety of scenery. There are deserts in parts of this continent like Arizona and Nevada, while in other areas, snow-capped peaks provide stunning sights. Some cities like Chicago are well known for their picturesque landscapes, while other cities like New York are known for their industrial growth. Although this is true, it should not be forgotten that this is still the middle of the largest continent.

While this continent is vast and offers many attractions, it is important to note that travel conditions may be affected by the season. This means that travelers should plan their trip before hand to be prepared for any eventuality. In terms of land, travel between Canada and the United States should be avoided during winter as this is when ice forms and can be dangerous for the traveler. Winter is also considered the high season for dangerous weather as strong winds and cold temperatures can be hazardous. As such, traveling north during these times should be avoided. As always, travel during off-season or avoid travelling during winter months.

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