Writing an Essay About Western World History

Western world history covers a massive range of eras and topics, from the rise of ancient civilizations to the impact of global diseases on indigenous peoples. Whether you are interested in the tumultuous ages of revolution and war or curious about the inventions that shaped modern life, this vast landscape can provide the research material to create an interesting essay. Begin by exploring your interests within this broad field, as your passion for the subject will help keep you engaged during the writing process.

Traditionally, the story of the West has been told as one of progress. The West created the modern era of capitalism, developed the scientific method, and achieved a high standard of living for its citizens. The rest of the world, it was implied, languished in darkness and mediocrity. This narrative, while not without its truths, is no longer valid, as it fails to recognize the true interconnectedness of all human cultures and societies.

The reality is that the West benefited from the contributions of many other lands and cultures, including the dynastic era in China, the Islamic Golden Age, and pre-colonial African kingdoms. These developments are as worthy of study as the innovations in agriculture, medicine and politics that emerged in Europe. The West has been a point of convergence for the most significant advances in the history of mankind, from the steam engine to the discovery of penicillin to the spread of religious toleration and feminism.

As important as it is to explore the contributions of non-Western cultures, it is equally critical to understand the complexities that have defined the evolution of the West. This means looking at the causes of war and economic crises as well as examining cultural issues such as racism and xenophobia, including the role of immigrants in shaping America’s character. It is also essential to consider the role of technology in shaping our daily lives, from the development of automobiles and computers to the advent of the Internet.

Examining Western world history through the lens of gender, race and culture can also lead to a reevaluation of conventional narratives. Topics such as the role of women in Western society, the development of African kingdoms, and the rise of affluent imperialism can reveal patterns and errors in the past that can inform decisions for our future.

Creating an excellent essay about western world history requires an in-depth understanding of the underlying concepts, events and people that make up this rich tapestry of culture. The most successful essays will use a combination of historical evidence and analysis, as well as personal insight, to bring an authentic, engaging voice to your writing. As you write, be sure to cite your sources as you move through this maze of historical knowledge, so that your audience will have the resources they need to follow your arguments. Good luck!

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