The Benefits of Western History Association Membership

western history association membership

If you love western history, then you should join the Western History Association. This is a great way to network with other Western history enthusiasts, and you can even network with academic historians! Membership in the Western History Association is open to all, from graduate students to professors. The benefits of membership are numerous, and you can choose a chapter in any state to become a member. A member of the association will also receive their quarterly newsletter, which is a must for those who love Western history.

Once you’ve become a member of the Western History Association, you’ll gain access to a wide network of academic historians, scholars, and authors. The association publishes the award-winning journal, the Western Historical Quarterly, featuring book reviews and articles by prominent western historians. Membership also gives you access to their professional network and provides recognition for donors. To get involved, simply sign up for a membership online or mail your check to their office.

To renew your WHA membership, there are two methods. The first way is to visit the WHA website. There, you’ll be able to see your current membership date, and a pop-up window will prompt you to enter your credit card information. Next, click on the “Renew Now” button and you’ll be directed to the online payment page. You’ll need to do this transaction separately for each year that you wish to renew.

The WHA office at UNO oversees a staff to assist with membership, fundraising, and conference planning. One of the WHA staff members is a graduate assistant, who receives funding for two years to help with conference registration. Additionally, the graduate assistant recruits prospective history graduate students from outside of Nebraska to complete their M.A. work with UNO faculty. The benefits of joining the WHA are numerous. Your membership in this organization will allow you to network with scholars and employers in your field, as well as learn from them and share your research findings.

You may also be interested in the issues surrounding women in the West. The SHA also hosts the Caucus of Women Historians, a group formed to promote gendered studies in the western world. The group also sponsors panel discussions at the annual conference, provides research materials, and fosters strong networks of historians. The website offers networking opportunities and mentoring for its members. If you’re interested in learning about the history of women in the West, consider joining the Western History Association. You’ll be glad you did!

The San Diego Corral of the Westerners Records document the organization’s history and administrative structure. The records include correspondence, meeting minutes, event information, membership rosters, and financial statements. Members may also enjoy the newsletter’s creative output. Founded in 1967, the San Diego Corral of the Westerners was a leading association dedicated to the preservation of Western Americana. It published nine Brand Books in the period from 1968 to 1996.

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