The Benefits of Western History Association Membership

western history association membership

Membership in the Western History Association connects you to a professional network of writers, historians, curators, publishers, editors, teachers, students, and fans who are interested in the study of the North American West. Founded in 1961, the Association encourages research on all aspects of the West and promotes a greater understanding of the complexities and diversity of this fascinating part of America’s past.

The WRHS publishes the scholarly journal, The Western Historical Quarterly, to which all members receive a one-year subscription as part of their initiation fee. The WHQ presents original scholarly work on the history of the lands and people of the North American West, in its broadest sense. The Society also sponsors two scholarly awards prizes: The Purrington/White Dissertation Prize and the Distinguished Teaching Award.

Each summer, the WRHS holds its annual conference in a different Western or Eastern city, where scholars, educators, museum professionals, writers, collectors, and enthusiasts gather to present their work and discuss the latest developments in the field. The four day event provides a unique platform for discussion and interaction among academic historians, public historians, K-12 teachers, and independent scholars, along with authors, collectors, students, archivists, and vendors of Western books, pamphlets, artifacts, and ephemera.

Conference sessions are designed to reflect the diverse and ever-changing nature of the field. Topics range from the study of specific towns or areas to explorations of themes and issues that cut across geographic boundaries and historical periods. The 2024 WRHS conference in Kansas City, Missouri, will provide an opportunity to think about the entanglements of migrations and dispersions, the confluence of freedom dreams and the struggles for land and liberty, as well as the enduring legacy of 19th century battles over “free soil.”

In addition to the annual conference, WRHS offers a range of other programs, including workshops, grants, syllabi exchanges, and an ongoing network of scholarly support for graduate students. In addition, WRHS supports the preservation of its archival holdings and houses an extensive research library for use by the general public.

Become a member of WRHS today! Click here to join online or download the WRHS Membership Application. All memberships automatically renew each year unless notified otherwise.

Auxiliary Group Memberships

The WRHS has several auxiliary groups that provide additional benefits to members. Each auxiliary has its own dues schedule that is separate from the WRHS membership. For more information about auxiliary membership, please visit the Auxiliary Membership page.

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