Western History

western history

Western History

Western history is often taught in schools as part of the curriculum. Some students however, are not happy with this. Some may argue that Western history is the time that most shaped modern society. Others believe that it was a different Europe long before the European Middle Ages began. Western history thus covers many hundreds of years and as such there are many arguments on which periods within this time period are the most important.

Western culture traces it roots back to ancient Greece and the Mediterranean region. It then connected to ancient Rome, medieval Christendom that emerged in the Middle Ages and then ended with the French Revolution. Within this time span, France, England, and eventually Italy all experienced significant political, religious, and military influence. All these nations have had profound effects on world affairs including invasions, revolutions, and changing peoples’ perceptions of right and wrong.

During the time of the Renaissance, Europe saw the discovery of Americas, Africa, and Australia. This would impact trade, religion, and politics. This also contributed to the spread of the Renaissance across all of Europe.

The 18th century saw major advancements in technology, science, medicine, and government. Some changes had a very profound effect on Western society. One example is the Industrial revolution. This marked the invention of new machines that are now commonplace and sometimes causes people to forget about the age-old artisan products that have been around for years.

Since the time of the Industrial revolution, the West has developed many international trade agreements. These agreements helped create jobs for millions of people around the world. They also increased international competition, which can sometimes cause problems in peace talks. Without the open trade market that allowed businesses to prosper, many experts believe that the west could have possibly suffered much more during the age of the Industrial Revolution.

A major part of Western history is also the exploration and colonizing of the Americas. When Europeans began to explore the New World and traveling through the uncharted territories of the New World, they discovered that the natives were absolutely terrified of being alone. They took over the Native populations and forced them to learn European ways of life. This marked the beginning of the history of slavery in the Western hemisphere. Slavery was responsible for many of the horrors that befell the native populations during the time of the Americas.

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