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America History and Life is a comprehensive database of articles and reviews related to the history of the United States, Canada, and the world. It includes full-text, peer-reviewed articles from over 2,000 journals worldwide. It also includes book reviews, media reviews, and abstracts of dissertations. The database assigns appropriate indexing terms based on standard authorities. It is available for TCNJ campus users. This resource contains hundreds of full-text journal articles and reviews.

America: History and Life has a bibliographic database containing citations to articles on American history. It covers over 2,000 journals, including the major English-language historical journals, select histories from the United States, and selected history journals from other major countries. It also includes local and state-level histories, social sciences, and humanities. A number of scholarly journals are listed in the index. Many authors and historians have written about American history in America.

America: History and Life is the primary bibliographic database on American history, Canada, and the world. The index covers citations to articles published in over 2,000 history journals from around the world. It includes a broad range of topics, and is easy to use. It includes more than a thousand articles in the field of American history. It is an extensive resource that includes journal articles, books reviews, and dissertation abstracts. Getting the most out of this comprehensive index will help you do more research on the topics you’re interested in.

America: History & Life is an authoritative index of articles and scholarly journals on American history. It covers over 2,000 international journals and provides coverage of over 100 languages. The database includes over 2,500 journal articles, and the bibliographic content of America: The World is an Encyclopedia of Literature and Ideas. The database has detailed historical summaries from over 230 languages and over 800 countries. It also contains information about the history of a wide variety of subjects, such as Native American and Chinese art.

A major part of American history is devoted to its people, and the United States is a part of the world that spans a number of continents. The continent was inhabited by many different cultures, and it was inhabited by people who had different languages and cultural backgrounds. Thus, America history and life is a rich and complex study of human societies. This is one of the most important aspects of history. Unlike any other part of the world, the U.S. has a long and varied history.

Early civilizations in the Americas are based on the indigenous peoples of the continent. The first peoples to arrive in the Americas were around 15,000 BC. The Native Americans were a diverse group, and numerous cultures developed. However, most of them disappeared after the 16th century. Christopher Columbus led European colonization in the Americas in 1492. Most colonies were formed after 1600. The United States became the first nation whose origins were fully recorded. In the 1760s, thirteen British colonies had a population of 2.5 million. The British government had defeated the French and forced the colonies to pay a heavy tax. It was used to control the slave trade. The resulting income from the colonists had created an environment of rivalry among the nations.

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